Occupational Therapy Unit

manager: Mrs. Roni Zuk Saar

The Occupational Therapy Unit at Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya, provides services to hospitalized patients, and comprises a part of the hospital's multidisciplinary staff.

The purpose of occupational therapy is to facilitate human functioning in an attempt to improve functional independence and life quality, and allow to patient to be actively involved in their lives despite their disabilities. 

The Unit's team provides solutions for patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments: neurological defects, rheumatic diseases, orthopedic injuries, motor, sensory and cognitive defects, and patients with internal diseases resulting in functional deterioration. 

The Cognitive Unit (outpatient) provides occupational therapy to patients, and its service comprises a significant phase in diagnosing, instructing and devising general treatment plans for the patient and their family. 

Occupational therapy intervention focuses on various areas function: activities of daily living (ADL), such as dressing, washing, eating. More advanced daily activities, such as preparing meals, housecleaning, shopping, leisure and employment - facilitating employment and use of leisure time. 

Function enhancement is carried out by the Unit and includes various functional components: motor skills - mobility, transitions, upper limb functioning and coordination. Sensory abilities - superficial sensory abilities, deep sensory abilities, temperature and pain sensitivity. Cognitive abilities - memory, attention, orientation, perception, judgment and cognitive processes. The Unit teaches patients to exercise these functional skills, and adjusts various accessory equipment items used to improve functional independence. The Unit performs splint-adjustment as needed. Intervention is performed on an individual basis and in a group setting. In addition, the Unit provides instruction for families.