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Dr. Suhil Nasrala

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Mrs. Maksin Cohen

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The Oncological Outpatient Institute has been operational since 2007 and provides services to a large geographic population. The Unit treats oncological patients suffering from all types of cancer, beginning with diagnosis, determining treatment plans, and administrating chemotherapeutic, hormonal and biological treatments.

In addition, a new supplementary treatment is offered by the Unit for alleviating symptoms and side effects. 

Admission to the Oncological Institute 

A patient diagnosed and referred by a doctor for oncological consultation and treatment must contact the Institute and set an appointment. Upon the patient's arrival, we ensure that their information is updated in a special file that will contain all data pertaining to their illness. 

Later, the patient will be referred to a doctor who will attend to them throughout the oncological follow-up, and will be sent to the Institute's Nurse for the purpose of recording various data (weight, height, BP) and for the purpose of determining their treatment should any be required. 

As needed, the patient will be referred to a nutritionist for receiving supplementary nutritional consultation, and will be referred to a social worker for directions and consultation as a supplementary support during their treatment and follow-up period. Upon conclusion of the visitation process, the patient will receive a list of recommended tests and a systemic treatment plan. 

(The Institute provides gyneco-oncological treatments (by Dr. Ilan Atlas), and hematological treatments (by Dr. Ygne Shai

The Institute Provides the Following Services: 

In addition to the aforementioned medical services, the Institute offers patients the following services: professional library services for obtaining oncological information and information about patient rights, a library for borrowing books, volunteer cosmetics services, wigs and hairstyling, breakfasts and lunches, cold and hot beverages to patient companions. In addition, the Institute provides support for cancer patients with an emphasis on emotional and social support, overseen by the social worker Mrs. Dalia Givoni, assisted by the Isreal Cancer Association. 

The Institute's interdisciplinary team supports the patient and their family's welfare, and endeavors to provide amiable, professional and thorough treatment. We are committed to provide the best service possible on a personal and professional level, to ensure the least painful treatment is provided to the patient, and to meet all patient needs. 


A  guide for cancer patients

Cancer patients must not only fight the disease, but they and their families must also be aware of all of their rights within the healthcare system, in addition to all options for financial and emotional support. Unfortunately, those who need to take advantage of these resources are often not aware of them. For this purpose, we have put together a guide for cancer patients and their families to become familiar with what is available and how to claim their rights, including a printable version of the guide to serve as a checklist when meeting with social workers and other support professionals.

The guide can be found here:

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