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Dr. Ilan Atlas

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The Gyneco-oncological Unit is subordinate to the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, headed by Prof. Moshe Ben Ami, in collaboration with and under the same roof as that of the Oncological Institute headed by Dr. Jacob Baram..

The Unit provides consultation, diagnosis and treatment for tumors in the female reproductive system. We highly regard the collaboration with community physicians, as it may assist in obtaining prompt diagnoses which will enable us to provide rapid treatment, and also allows us to provide consultation to community physicians.

Upon admission for treatment, the patient and her family are briefed. Diagnosis is achieved using innovative imaging instruments, such as CT and MRI and investigative laparoscopy. Following diagnosis a second briefing takes place, in which treatment options are discussed. Services provided by the unit include:

Treating Various Gyneco-oncological Problems

Cervical and Vulvar Cancer

Ovarian Cancer and Tumors

Advanced Stage Cancer, including chemotherapy

Complementary Medical Services Provided by the Unit

We maintain a holistic approach, and provide a variety of supplementary services for facilitating patient recovery. The Unit arranges a weekly concert for the patient .

Collaboration with academic institutions throughout the world for obtaining second opinions - Since 1998 we have been conducting videoconference consultations with prominent US centers renowned for their gyneco-oncological expertise. Such interactions enable us to mutually consult each other and exchange specialist opinions concerning the cases treated by them. The cases are presented in a manner allowing all videoconference participants to adequately review the cases. The videoconference enables both parties to mutually augment their knowledge. In addition, the Unit maintains collaborative relations with the University of Minnesota, and convenes international conferences on onco-gynecology.

Head of the department: Dr. Ilan Atlas

Mrs. Maxin Cohen 
Social Worker: Mrs. Givoni Dalia
Dietitian: Mrs. Rinat Ohaion
Pharmacist: Mr. Hacim Ragi
Secretary: Mrs. Osnat Avinaim

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