The innovation center deals with two main domains in the field of medical innovation: encouraging and advancing intraprenurship initiatives and  work with High-tech companies and startups to implement and have clinical trials within the medical center
Within the intraprenurship initiatives, the medical center is conducting a science accelerator program.
The aim of the program is to promote novel inventions and ideas coming from the medical staff to the point ofMVP – Minimal Viable Product  or a proof of concept  .
Everyone who lives in the entrepreneurship world knows that one of the most challenging tasks is financing the proof of concept at this very early stage of the process.
The science accelerators program offers an answer to this challenge (link to an article of the Ministry of Science – the winners of the science accelerator callout).
Projects that successfully complete the program will be able to continue the business and technological development of the project through a range of channels, such as: a program for financing applied research of the Innovation Authority, technological  incubators, raising  initial funding through angel investors and more.
We invite entrepreneurs who are interested in participating in these projects to contact the innovation center.
Within the extra-organizational enterprising, the innovation center works with startup companies in stages of development of the medical product or service , before reaching product market fit and in FDA approval stages, including introducing innovative products to the medical center.
Entrepreneurs and R&D teams at High-Tech companies are invited to work with the innovation center in order to perform feasibility studies on products, plan and perform clinical trials and come for consultation meetings with professionals at the medical center, with the aim of reaching development and manufacturing of a product that meets the needs of the medical team  and patients.
The innovation center works in close cooperation with excellence centers, department managers and physicians at the medical center in order to allow for direct, rapid connections between startup and high-tech companies and the medical center’s staff.
Contact the center by email [email protected]