Getting a copy of the medical record

According to the Patient's Bill of Rights and in accordance to the Ministry of Health procedures and guidelines, patient is entitled to receive a copy of his medical record (file hospitalization, a sorting, summaries units, clinics ect.).
In order to get a copy of the medical record in you will be charged as determined by the Ministry of Health.

The rate now standsat 86 NIS to 10 pages. Each additional page - 0.5 NIS.updated The payment isperiodically
You can pay by cash, check, credit card and deposit account Postal Bank hospital.

A copy of the medical record can be obtained in several ways

A). Patient's medical record:
1. By written request from the patient himself.
2. A request from the patient by proxy.
3. Natural guardian of the patient (parent of a child up to age 18).
4. Guardian by order (the order must be presented).
5. Invention of court orders on providing documents.

B). Medical records of a deceased:
1. By presenting an inheritance.
. By presenting Of probate.
3. If you have not issued an order of succession - by an affidavit signed by the successor and authenticated by a lawyer.

ID must be presented when submitting any application.

A patient who has not yet arranged a debt to the hospital for emergency room visit, and need a copy in order to get a commitment from the HMO, Is welcome to contact the medical archive on Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00, phone 04-6652580, and fax 04-6652229. 

All other requests for a copy of the medical record (e.g.: hospitalization summary, Hospitalization portfolio or partial hospitalization, Clinic file), Is welcome to contact the medical archive, Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 to 12:00. Phone 04-6652317, fax 04-6652708. 

It is recommended to contact us in advance. The process of collecting all documents might take more than two weeks.