Know Your Rights:

·To receive quality professional medical treatment, without discrimination based on gender, religious faith, nationality, country of origin or race. 

·To receive proper and considerate treatment, which provides for your dignity and privacy throughout the medical treatment process. 

·To know the name, position and function of each healthcare provider. 

·To be informed about your condition, the treatment suggested to you, the risks and side effects involved in it, and possible alternative treatments. 

·Your consent - after having comprehended the explanation provided to you - is a precondition for receiving any kind of treatment. 

·To receive information from your medical record (a copy of the record can be given for a fee). 

·To know that hospital employees are committed to maintain the confidentiality of your medical information. 

·The receive visitors during visitation hours as determined for the department. 

·To appoint a representative (proxy) who is certified to concede in your name to receiving medical treatment, under circumstances and conditions determined by you. 

·To obtain, out of your volition, a second medical opinion (at your expense), with the full cooperation of the department's staff. 

·To receive the hospital's full cooperation should you require to be transferred to another medical institution. 

(Based on the Patient Rights Law, 5756-1996) 

The hospital employs a Patient Rights Supervisor, Mrs. Ayala- Weiss Trembly 

Her function is to provide consultation and assistance to patients concerning the realization of their rights. 

Tel.: 04-6652412 | 04-6652420 

Email: [email protected]