A Letter by Padeh-Poriya Medical Center Director General, Dr. Erez Onn

In October 2013 I was appointed to Director General of the Baruch Padeh, Medical Center Poriya.
I am proud to be director general and I am committed to lead and keep advancing the health and wellbeing of the people in this region as well as the medical center and its wonderful staff and teams.
In accordance with the Center's mission and on behalf of myself and the medical center's staff I undertake:

  • To provide quality health care and treatment applying quality standards applicable in Israel and worldwide. The Baruch Padeh medical center, Poriya was the first government hospital in Israel accredited for quality and safety by the JCI (Joint Commotion International) during 2013, certifying our compliance with quality standards in line with the world's leading medical centers. 
  • To broaden the diversity of services provided at the medical center, enabling multidisciplinary overall and holistic treatment to meet most needs of our patients. 
  • To implement new technologies for diagnosis and treatment, improving accessibility as well as availability to medical services for the benefit of the population throughout the region - in the coming future we will be permanently operating one of the worlds' most advanced MRI machines. 
  • To implement advanced information systems enhancing the quality of medical treatment and care, providing patients with information and improving communications and collaboration with community doctors. 
  • To provide courteous medical services, respecting patients and their families while patients are the center of attention, sharing treatment plans and offering accessible as well as available health and medical care and treatment - for these same reasons it is no wonder the medical center came first among the governmental hospitals in a patient's satisfaction survey. 
  • To improve the centers' infrastructure providing modern and adequate conditions for patients staying at the medical center. 
  • To promote the center in the fields of academics and research integrating these activities with the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee. 
  • To actively participate in the community in areas of society, health and welfare, advancing the region's residents health, welfare and wellbeing while strengthening the bond between the medical center and communities.