Ethics (Helsinki) Committee

Committee Chairman: Dr. Avi On


General Description   

The Committee's work is based accordance with the Public Health Regulations (Clinical Experiments on Humans, 5741-1980, including revisions and amendments (1999), and implements the principles of the Helsinki Statement. 

The Committee reviews research proposals for clinical experiments on humans, and is charged with providing their approval in accordance with standard guidelines.  

The Helsinki Committee of Baruch Padeh Medical Center, Poriya, hereby undertakes that it acts in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations and in accordance with the ICH-GCP. The list of documents needed for submitting applications to Helsinki Committee can be found in the hospital's Regulations Library.  

Medical Experiments on Humans

The use of a drug, radiation or chemical, biological, radiological or pharmacological substance, contrary to approval by law, or when the application is for another use from the purposes ascribed to it, or not yet regulated in Israel, or may implicate a person's health, physical or mental condition, partially or entirely, including their genetic makeup. The execution of any procedure, operation or test on  humans that is conventionally practiced. 

In addition, the Committee reviews the following activities:  

  • Any procedure destined to be a part of an experimental/research protocol pertaining to experiments on human beings, even if these contain acceptable measures. 

  • The execution of any procedure, operation or test on  humans that is not conventionally practiced, and actions currently unpracticed in the hospital. 

  • Applications by external organizations, without requiring follow-up and control.  

Helsinki Subcommittee - Research not defined as Medical  

The Helsinki Committee also acts as the hospital's Helsinki Subcommittee, and deals with approving research not defined as medical experiments on humans. 

The Committee reviews social sciences research grants (psychology, social medicine, and applications which include question surveys), which requires the extraction of data from medical, nursing, psychological, social and other paramedical records of patients, without patient involvement.  

Such research can be conducted under the leadership of divers health professionals, who are not necessary MD`s. 


Committee Members:  

Committee Chairman: Dr. Avi On, Pediatric Gastroenterology Unit Director  

Hospital Administration Representative: Dr. Ofer Tamir, Hospital Deputy-Director  

Acting Chairman and Committee Member: Prof Farid Nakhul, Nephrological Unit Director 

Acting Hospital Administration Representative and Committee Member: Dr. Claudia Simsolo, Acting Internal Ward A Director  

Public Representative: Max Hassin, Adv.  

Committee Mmebers:  

Dr. Amitay Oberman, Geriatric Dep. Manager

Mrs. Nava Namimi, Nursing Administration  

Dr. Kroani Milad, Trauma Unit Director  

Megis. Ela Dinisman, Pharmacy Director  

Committee Coordinator: Mrs. Noa Sela  

  Telephone Numbers: 

Committee Chairman: 04-6652235  

Committee Coordinator: 04-6652208